Meet Our Partner: Woodchuck USA


“Dedication To Craftmanship.”

Woodchuck USA is focused on three things; bringing nature back to the people, jobs back to America, and quality back to products. Each piece is crafted with 100% real wood and made in a shop local Minneapolis shop!

Founded by Ben VanWymelenberg during an “Aha” moment while working part-time at an architecture firm, Woodchuck USA started with an idea to affix a razor-thin wood veneer, on the back of his iPhone. Since that moment, Woodchuck has expanded into a wide array of accessories, gifts, and cases.

Meet Our Partners: Bachman’s

“Beautiful ideas. Real value.” Bachman’s wedding department dates back to 1920 when Albert Bachman started transitioning the company from growing vegetables to flowers. Albert’s wife Olga did all of the original wedding designs. Without any formal training, she created beautiful flowers by referring to magazine pictures for inspiration. It’s that sort of creativity and ingenuity…